Myka Osinchuck
Chief Executive Officer

Thomas Hodson
Chair, Alberta Cancer Foundation

Our annual report looks a little different this year. It’s intentional.

A big, glossy book can’t fund research and clinical trials, buy blanket warmers, detect cancer earlier, assist patients with their finances, or do any of the dozens of other things the Alberta Cancer Foundation does to make life better for Albertans facing cancer every year. So we didn’t do one. We invested your money for the greatest returns imaginable. On cancer patients returning to their lives. Parents returning to children. Employees returning to work. People from all over our province returning, by the thousand, to their communities. What greater return on investment could there possibly be?

We know success in philanthropy is measured differently than success in business or government, but we still pay close attention to milestones and numbers to monitor our progress. We want to be able to continue delivering the best possible return on investment to you.

2017 - By the Numbers

1 in 2

One in every two Albertans will develop cancer in their lifetime; sadly one in four will die.


19,865 new cancer cases are expected in Alberta.


Breast, lung, colorectal and prostate make up 52% of all cancers.



For some cancers, much progress has been made. For instance, the five-year survival rate for prostate cancer patients diagnosed in stage 1 or 2 is 99%. For female breast cancer patients in Alberta, it’s 90%.


Mortality rates are on the decrease in Alberta, falling on average by 2.1% each year since 2004.


Thanks to excellent research, treatment and care in this province, more than 100,000 Albertans are alive after a cancer diagnosis.

$17.8 million

Our $2.3 million investment into clinical trials last year leveraged $17.8 million from industry and academic sponsors, an increase of 3.6% from the previous fiscal year.


The overall cancer survival rate has increased from about 25% in the 1940s, to 60% today, as a result of investments in cancer prevention, early detection, improving treatment and quality of life.


Last year, researchers were able to enroll 1,085 patients into clinical trials.


Almost 5,000 patients in rural Alberta accessed their patient navigator last year.


The demand for financial assistance after a cancer diagnosis has seen an increase of 50% from two years ago. Last year patients accessed the patient financial assistance program almost 5,400 times.

$17.9 million

Investing in clinical trials equalled a drug savings of $17.9 million to the health-care system, more than double the previous year.

We know you are counting on us to make progress for you, your loved ones, your neighbours. We have worked hard with our partners in Alberta Health Services to deliver that important impact across the province, but we have to learn more. Do more. We know we can. Thank you for putting your trust in us.